Frequenty Asked Questions

How do I track my rides using my Fitbit, Strava, or Garmin Account?

Log in ? Click Profile Picture on the left hand side ? Click Profile ? Connect apps

How do I build a team?

From your Home Page ? Get Started Now ? Join Challenge ? Join or Create a Team ? Create a Team

Type in your Team Name and Select your Department and you are good to go! You are now the team captain of your team. Be sure to tell your team about the challenge and give them your referral code to cash in on points! If you want your team to learn more about bicycle safety and rules of the road, schedule a commute clinic here!

How do I find my personal referral code?

Home ? Get Started Now! ? Click ? Scroll Down to Your Referral Code.

How do I refer a friend?

Click Hi “Your Name” in upper right hand corner of screen ? Edit My personal Info ? Profile ? Referral

To refer a friend you need them to put your referral code into their account. When you refer a new friend to the challenge make sure they have your referral code so you both get points!

How do I run a team report?

Send an email to and we will send you a spreadsheet of your team's performance!

Who counts as a new rider?

If you haven't joined the Challenge ever before you are counted as a new rider!

Do indoor rides count?

Yes. We moved the Challenge from May to June with the hope that stay-at-home orders will be lifted. However, there may still be restrictions, so miles logged on an indoor bike can be counted toward this year’s Challenge.

Do e-bike rides count?

Yes! Just be sure to log your trips at